Stay Positive During Depression:

Life hacks are tricks or shortcuts that you use to do tasks quickly and easily. People always hunt for shortcuts and methods because they simply don’t want to put in the effort, which is why there, are so many of them available. This tells us a lot about human nature.

The internet is flooded with life hacks every few minutes, but as a psychiatrist in Indore, I thought I’d give 5 to keep you upbeat while depressed:

Write things down on a “things to be happy about” list

Staring at a blank sheet of paper can seem like an impossible task when you’re feeling down. However, it only takes a few seconds to write down a reminder when you’re in a good mood. This works because writing things down causes your brain to believe that you are making an attempt to remember it. Thus, it establishes a connection between exerting effort and recalling the factors that first made you pleased. Simply look over your list whenever you are feeling down to remind yourself how wonderful life is!

Take a hot shower

Physical pain is one of the signs of depression, primarily because of all the negative ideas about yourself that are always running through your mind. However, taking a hot shower is like taking a break from reality because there is water on top of you and little light, and a hot shower may be quite energising if it is chilly outdoors. You feel better when you look good, so dressing nicely and shaving can both improve your mood.

Change your environment

This is sort of a variant on the preceding thought, but sometimes all it takes to feel different is to simply alter your surroundings. Not necessarily better or worse, simply different from your routine. Try working somewhere else for a change of scenery if you often work from home every day, for instance. Just leave your usual haunt and go somewhere else, like the park or someone’s house.

Watch something funny

I often watch depressing movies when I’m low because they make me cry so hard. Therefore, for approximately five minutes after watching anything unpleasant, I feel better until depression returns. Understand why? Because it has been drilled into us that negative emotions are more powerful than pleasant ones. In search of an emotional high, this is one of the reasons why people with depression enjoy depressing movies. Therefore, the next time you want to feel better, consider watching a comedy instead! Also, make sure you laugh aloud because doing so raises your heart rate, which causes your brain to release dopamine, which makes you feel happier.


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