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About Dr. Pawan Rathi

Dr. Rathi and the team help patients cope and process major mental illnesses including substance use disorders, mental disorders also as depression and trauma. He offers comprehensive inpatient services to psychiatric assessment for adults or children affected by severe emotional problems that always impede daily living like mood swings, hallucinations, anxiety attacks, substance abuse, addiction, etc. The doctor provides an exemplary look after psychological states and illnesses, focused on the patient-centric treatment of psychiatric symptoms. He uses evidence-based individual therapy to assist patients to overcome their condition, focusing mainly on different methods of cognitive-behavioral therapy that are tailored consistent with the precise needs of every patient.

Mental health literacy encompasses recognition, causes, self-help, facilitation of professional intervention, and navigating the information highway. Attitudes that hinder recognition and appropriate help-seeking can be counteracted by information and awareness. We provide what the best of mental healthcare has to offer. It is your trust in us that has helped us expand and provide the best mental healthcare possible, based on research, experiences, and observation

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