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Dr. Rathi’s experience and the latest medical advancements have built the trust of many. The latest treatment strategies and precision combined with our team make us the best in what we offer. Your mental health is our foremost priority.

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Dr. Pawan Rathi is a very well learned psychiatrist having superb clinical and diagnostic skills. His excellent communication skills, empathetic listening and genuine concern about patients make him the best psychiatrist and counselor. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone seeking good mental health care for themselves or their family members.
Dr. Bhushan Chaudhari

Dr. Bhushan Chaudhari

Dr. Rathi is kind, compassionate, and really listens to your problems and takes ample time to understand the situation before making any conclusions and suggesting ways of working through things. Truly giving and great human being! And of course efficient in returning calls
Rronak Maheshwari

Rronak Maheshwari

He is the best psychiatrist in Indore region. I was an alcohol addict and he helped me quit it. He can also give you treatment for sleeping problems. Very learned doctor.
Mayank Bhangadia

Mayank Bhangadia

Dr. Bhushan ChaudhariRronak MaheshwariMayank Bhangadia

Certified Psychiatrist

Psychiatry is the branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders.
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A flexible appointment is a voluntary commitment by a staff member to a specific schedule of work.
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Meet Dr Pawan Rathi, Psychiatrist and Sexologist in Indore

Dr. Rathi’s MIND Center, one of the most accurate & trusted names in the field of Psychiatry and Psychological disorders. He is based in Indore as well as central India. Dr. Pawan Rathi and the team of highly qualified experienced & dedicated people. Providing the most updated & best in industry infrastructure & facilities. Easy approachability makes it best & different from other centers.

The patient-centric approach makes the treatment fast and comfortable. Dr. Rathi comes with a big bag of experience, after which the expertise follows. His empathetic and friendly treatment is now amplifying to many other cities.

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