A trigger is something that can remind someone of a traumatic experience. PTSD triggers can be internal ( passions or feelings) and external ( situations, people, places, or objects). When similar triggers are present, people may be reminded of the event or indeed feel as if they’re experiencing the trauma each over again. 

Several treatments can help reduce or exclude PTSD symptoms. Antidepressants are occasionally specified to reduce symptoms of PTSD and manage symptoms of depression and anxiety if present. There are also psychotherapy ways that can help including cognitive-behavioral remedy (CBT), cognitive processing remedy, and eye movement desensitization and reclaiming. 

Several factors can play a part in how people respond to traumatic events. Genetics, for illustration, can impact how people handle stress during and after a trauma. People may be more likely to develop PTSD if they also have a being internal health condition, have endured trauma in the history, face other life stressors, and warrant social support. 

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