You call it mood swings we call it bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is unpredictable mood, unpredictable manic highs and lows.

The exact cause of mood swings in still unknown. Mood swings is the root of bipolar disorder, it varies from stage to stage. It can severe in different stages too.

Bipolar disorder may include symptoms such as low energy, low motivation and loss of interest in daily activities. Mood episodes last days to months at a time and may also be associated with suicidal thoughts. Bipolar disorder person will be smiling In front of you and at the next second he started to look like a fearful one.

Here are 3 signs of bipolar disorder: –

Abnormal or Excessive Elation or Energy: Feeling over excited on exciting things, feeling over happy or feeling over sad. Hyperactivity can be visible.

Racing Thoughts and Speech: Inconsistent and fast thoughts and speech may be a sign of bipolar disorder

Decreased Need for Sleep: Lack of sleep or don’t need to feel sleep also indicates about bipolar disorder.

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