Contrary to popular assumptions, childhood mental illness is rather prevalent. Research claims that this problem affects almost one youngster out of every four.

Typically, anxiety is seen to be the main element affecting children’s mental health. However, other conditions like depression and ADHD might also be very typical.

But what elements are behind this worrying problem among young people? Let’s find out more specifically about it.

Contributory Elements

According to a survey, children’s mental health is typically not affected by a single problem. When they begin to have mental disturbances, they may be coping with more than one issue. Therefore, for any worried parent, methodically studying the common ones becomes essential. If not, handling it would be quite challenging.

Common Types of Mental Illness in Children

Depression is frequently recognized as one of the most prevalent variables affecting kids’ physical health. However, there are certain additional worrying factors that might exacerbate your child’s poor wellbeing. These include

  • Anxiety disorder 
  • ADHD 
  • Eating disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Schizophrenia 
  • Autism


Children’s mental health problems have rather obvious symptoms. Visit a doctor as soon as you can if you notice your kid doing any of the following.

  • Having poor academic performance despite being a decent and diligent student
  • Continually being bored and not engaging in any childish activities
  • Frequent complaints of headaches and stomach problems
  • Losing their appetite or refusing to consume anything you offer them
  • Having frequent nightmares
  • Suddenly developing the sleepwalking habit
  • Having difficulty getting a good night’s sleep
  • Suddenly wetting the bed despite the fact that they haven’t done so in years
  • Hostile behavior while a parent is attempting to speak softly
  • Exhibiting a range of risk-taking behaviors (such as running through the street, trying to climb higher than usual, engaging in too many physical altercations, etc.)
  • Knowingly causing oneself harm (moderately or severely)


There are several direct and indirect factors affecting the mental health of children. So, as a parent, you will need to be extremely careful about them and treat your kid as carefully as possible or consult a child psychiatrist in Indore for child mental health disorder treatment.